Softies on Rails » Rob Conery on Imploding Rails

Rob Conery is a Microsoft MVP and mastermind behind the brilliant SubSonic project, an open-source toolset that brings a lot of Rails' concepts to ASP.NET. If you haven't caught his latest epic post on Rails scalability and DHH's potty mouth, here's a taste:

The Rails Team needs to accept that they are now a VENDOR, not radical mavericks... It’s easy to be the punk upstart. It’s harder to be successful. That’s what this is all about isn’t it? The Rails guys are really, really successful because they created a Bitchen Platform. Unfortunately it seems like they’re not going to be responsible for it.

I'll have to happily and respectfully disagree with Rob on this one. But it's sure a damn fine read. Don't miss the comments or DHH's response (to the "potty mouth" bit, at least) either.

For the record, as any of my friends will tell you, exercising my potty mouth is one of my favorite pastimes.